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FUSE College

Fuse College

A place to connect college students to life. Great atmostphere, powerful messages & worship.

Meeting Times & Locations

Meeting Every Thursday Night @ The Life Center (side building on 4582 Fishtrap Road)

Meeting @ The Life Center

We understand that college is a growing season. It can be hard to be away from family for the first time, learning to live on your own and forming your own opinions and ideas outside of what your family has taught you. Knowing this, we aim to be a safe place for growth, where everyone is welcome. We'd love for you to join us on Thursday nights. There's a place for you.

About Fuse

At Fuse, our mission is to connect people to life by reaching out through authentic relationships and vibrant worship. These are two things we are passionate about as a community. We strive to keep relationships and worship at the core of everything we do.

A typical Fuse service consists of about a 20-minute set of praise and worship music, followed by a lesson relating to our current teaching series.

We stream our Main Services LIVE every Sunday

We always love it if you can make it in person, but if you're sick, out of town, or just want to check us out for the first time, watch online!

Streaming starts at 10:30am. Past messages also available when off-air.
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